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I recently finished up " The 29 Gifts" book and I plan on giving my own 29 gifts soon. It would be fun to do a 29 gift giveaway here on the blog but I would need a lot of followers first! :) This book is written by Cami Walker and follows her journey from newly diagnosed M.S. through her giving of 29 gifts, as prescribed to her from a spiritual advisor. Cami finds that giving proves to be a powerful anecdote for her physical pain and opens up a lot of other doors. She goes on to start the 29 gift website that encourages and follows the giving journey of hundreds of other people like you and I that have pledged to give. This is really a neat concept and it's so simple. You mindfully give away a gift a day for 29 days....but it has to be with pure intentions. I'm excited to do this!

I just started reading "The Ten Year Nap" by Meg Wolitzer. So far, it appears to be a portrayal of the modern stay-at-home mom and what's really going through her mind. I am fascinated by other women and the way they live their lives. For the past couple of years I've been seriously obsessed with reading Memoirs and even though I'm only 57 pages into this book, it's sort of reading like a memoir. We shall see how it goes. I will update later.

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