Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doing things daddy style

Anyone else read Working Mother magazine? On one of the freebie sites I keep up with, I somehow signed up for a free subscription and I'm glad I did. It always has some interesting articles that make me think. Woah, right?

June's issue is called "How Dad does it" which stuck a chord with me since a girlfriend and I were recently bemoaning the differences between the way we care for our children and the way our husbands care for them. Sometimes it can be night and day!

Her complaint was the way her husband feeds their two boys, which are both under two. "He just throws some cereal on the highchair tray and calls it lunch! At least I give them a little of every food group" she cried. Then I lamented how it just doesn't occur to my own husband to fix our 6 year old daughter's hair before school. We agreed that they just don't get it. But what is the "it" in this situation?

The magazine article talks about how dads, by nature, just operate differently than moms. And also (ready for this?) how that can be a GOOD thing! Hmph. I for one was curious to see their logic on this one. NO WAY can an unbalanced diet and rat-nest hair ever be seen as a good thing. But....I admit that after reading the article....they were kinda right!

Apparently dad's way of doing things shows children that calculated risks are okay, multi-tasking isn't always a good thing, and lunchboxes and outfits don't always have to be perfect. (If you say so...)  :)

 Perhaps, Dad's seemingly non-chalant ways are really just lessons in flexibility. Especially for someone like me who feels the need to create harmony in all aspects our lives.

Turns out, the children will survive and the world keeps turning even if they did only eat a spoonful of peanut butter and some fritos for lunch. Good to know.

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